AFL3430 RF Fiber Optic Link

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Free Lifetime Technical Ƶ

We support our products for as long as you own them with FREE technical support by phone or email and free software upgrades as they become available. No maintenance contract required.

Product Status

Status: Recommended for all installations.
Last Software Update: None
Latest Field Service Bulletin: None
Field Service Bulletins: None

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I've had my unit for 1 year already, can I get an extended warranty?

As long as your unit is still under its current warranty then yes, you can purchase an extended warranty. Contact Ƶ Sales for information.

My product is 12 years old and out-of-warranty. Can I get it repaired?

Yes - we will try. The problem may be that we no longer have parts for the oldmodels.But, if we can still get the needed parts thenwe willrepair your unit and charge for time and materials.

What is the EOL on my Ƶ product?

At Ƶ, End-of-Life (EOL) means end of the production life cycle. We continue to provide free technicalsupport (by phone or email) for as long as you own an Ƶ product. In fact, we are still providing free support for products that we shipped in 2001.