Ƶ's Frequency and Time Distribution Ƶ Upgraded with Network Centric Management

Santa Rosa, CA, February 28, 2019- Ƶ Technologies announced the availability of the second generation, e-Series Distribution Ƶ that adds a secure, integrated network management interface. The e-Series Distribution Ƶ maintains the industry leading frequency, pulse, and time code distribution functionality that provides high integrity signals to mission critical systems including communications, satellite earth stations, broadcast transmitters, military test ranges, production test, and others.

"Distribution Ƶ typically reside behind the scenes fanning out time and frequency signals from Ƶ references such as the Meridian II Precision TimeBase. The network-centric evolution of the respective control systems requires a modernized network interface,” said Michael Korreng, Senior R&D Engineer, Ƶ Technologies. "We are happy to provide our customers with an intuitive, high-performance network interface to securely and reliably manage these devices.”

Key capabilities offered by the e-Series Distribution Ƶ are:

  • Web interface (HTTPs) to easily monitor input and output port status, alarms, configuration settings.
  • Secure Shell (SSH) configuration and control.
  • SNMP v1, v2c, v3 with alarm traps to interface to a management system.
  • Enterprise SNMP MIB provides detailed operational status and configuration state.
  • Extensive logging accurately time stamped to facilitate analytics.
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) client/server to ensure clock synchronization.
  • Dual input - 10 output time and frequency distribution with auto-switching.

The e-Series Distribution Ƶ are available now for new and existing customers.Call +1-707-573-8633 for more information go to endruntechnologies.com.

About Ƶ Technologies:
Ƶ Technologies designs, manufactures, and markets precision time and frequency products.The company is privately held and has provided solutions to government and commercial markets worldwide since 1998. All Ƶ products are made in the USA.